Thursday, 24 April 2014


As the summer draws near, I wanted to know more about how to take pictures in strong sunlight. I know that its recommended you never take pictures in bright light, instead waiting for softer light or going in the shade. But sometimes in the summer, thats not an option. Even if its just taking goofy pictures of friends, you still want them to turn out well.

I found this site to have a bunch of tricks, most are common sense but some were new to me. Such as using the fill in flash technique when shooting towards the sun, to help eliminate sun flares.

changing the angle at which you are shooting can help eliminate unflattering shadows or weird flares. I know about changing angles for taking close up pictures of like flowers and other small subjects, but never though about it when taking pictures of humans.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

blog post- random pictures #1

Here are some random pictures that I have found online over the years, pulled off of the interwebs, and have saved on my computer. I don't own any of these pictures, I didn't take any of them, and I don't know who photographed them, as I found them typically on imgur and it didn't say who the original photographer was. I don't know where any of them were taken. I don't know anything about any of them except that I liked the pictures.

And apparently am secretly obsessed with water, as all of these pictures have water in them.


Here is my contribution to the group final of 5 pictures for travel.

Final-My Choice

These photos are the 6 photos that I got to pic from all of the pictures I took through out the semester, they do not fit into any of the categories we were assigned during the year, just pictures I took and liked.



Here is one of our final 3 pictures for advertising, here we are doing an add for gloves, a generic brand, showing a man working on a ranch.

Final Photos-Night

Here are my final pictures for our night photography.
Here is my photograph showing light painting. This is a random metal sculpture thing we found out by an abandon barn.
This is my example of astro photography. There is no unnatural light used, this is just a long exposure that let a ton of light in, so it almost looks like day.
And this is my long exposure. I really liked how creepy it turned out.